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Hit your target on the bullseye

There is only one way to break into the Italian market. Speak our language.

An Italian audience will often be discouraged by content only in English or French. Likewise, an Italian text that is poorly written will miss the mark. This is why to speak to customers, suppliers, staff, or other stakeholders in Italy you need effective Italian.

As an Italian native speaker attentive to nuances and communicative intents, I can convey your message eloquently, choosing the right marketing, HR, or business style, based on your text and its target.

Marketing translations, business translations, and website localization from English to Italian and from French to Italian: what kind of content can I handle for you?

  • Websites, including SEO metadata, privacy policies, and cookie policies.
  • E-commerce and product descriptions.
  • Content for social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Newsletters.
  • Corporate magazines.
  • Press releases.
  • Brochures and catalogues.
  • Presentations and marketing guidelines.
  • Human resources (HR): training courses, evaluations, hiring.
  • Codes of ethics and codes of conduct.
  • CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility).

And much, much more!

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