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Because just knowing the languages is not enough.
Understanding the subject is key. Or more than one subject!

Each field has its lingo, whether it is in Italian, English, or French. Knowing a field means being familiar and comfortable with its specialized concepts.

It takes years of experience and an aptitude for research to gain this level of familiarity. These are two aspects that are essential for those of us who work in translation, revision, and proofreading.

You can count on my knowledge in my specialization areas:


Disciplines are not siloed off from each other

There are not, as a rule, texts that are purely part of a single discipline. Few have content that is completely financial, completely legal, completely marketing, or completely engineering. More often than not, matters are more complex than that.

Many texts are hybrid, combining two or more sectors. A few examples:

  •  An investment fund’s monthly commentary might detail the innovations of a 3D printing start-up. The text becomes FINANCIAL + TECHNICAL.
  • Tender documents include legal clauses and numerous technical specifications to be respected. Now it’s LEGAL + TECHNICAL.
  • A financial intermediation contract merges two disciplines. Now it’s LEGAL + FINANCE.
  • The press releases of an energy company combine marketing and technology. Now it’s BUSINESS + TECHNICAL.
  • The website of a law firm combines marketing and legal content. Now it’s LEGAL + BUSINESS.
  • The brochure of an investment product explains financial information but with a marketing slant. Now it’s FINANCE + BUSINESS.
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If you need specializations spanning a dual sector combined with knowledge of Italian, English, or French, you’re in the right place.