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Take full control over your translations

To err is human, which means even the best translator can sometimes make mistakes.

The chances of making mistakes increase if the translator is a novice or is unfamiliar with the subject matter.

But in some fields, there is no room for mistakes. Incorrect financial data, distorted contractual clauses, fragmented business information or misinterpreted technical specifications can have serious repercussions. This means it is best to have the translation double checked.

For over 15 years, through my revision service, I make sure that the translations done by others, from English to Italian and from French to Italian, are flawless.

Revision can root out errors of varying degrees of severity, such as those below, taken from real-life cases:



Project: French-Italian financial statement
Problem: The income statement included the item “Accumulated depreciation.”

Solution: “Accumulated depreciation” (a standard balance sheet item) was corrected to “Depreciation expense” (a standard income statement item). That’s a major difference!


Project: English-Italian contract
Problem: The translation of a non-liability agreement was missing a “not.”

Solution: “The Company assumes responsibility” should have been “The Company does NOT
assume responsibility.” That’s a glaring difference!


Project: Revision of the Italian website of a French company
Problem: The Italian version of the site had phrases in other languages and incorrect links.

Solution: The site was fully translated into Italian and the links were corrected. That’s a remarkable difference!


Project: English-to-Italian mechanical instructions
Problema: The unit of measurement “mils” was translated as “millimeters.”

Solution: “8 millimeters” was corrected to “8 thousandths of an inch,” equal to about 0.2 millimeters. That’s a tangible difference!

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