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Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions.

The most common file formats are:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
  • Editable and non-editable PDFs.
  • XLIFF files.
  • TXT files.

Do you need a different file format, such as InDesign? Get in touch and let’s discuss.

Times and costs depend on the service requested and the length of the text. The best option is always to send me the document. I will calculate an exact quote including all costs, as well as the time needed. All my services are exempt from VAT.

I am used to handling highly confidential documents. If you are a business, a firm, or an agency, I can sign your confidentiality agreement. You can also send me an anonymized version of the document. Regardless, even without taking these steps, I will always handle your document with full respect for the GDPR and privacy laws.

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